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Welcome To Sparkle Glasses

"Style and Substance" are two essential components of modern lifestyle. At Sparkle Enterprises, we understand this. That's why; we don't just create products that please you sense with their aesthetic superiority, but delight you with their flawless functional aspect as well. Our creations give quality, grace and practically a totally new dimension.


At Sparkle Enterprises, continuous evolution, up gradation and modification is an ongoing saga.


Our wide range of products includes Glassware, Bar accessories, Kitchenware, Table ware, Chafing Dishes, Gastronorm Containers, Cutlery.



The Sparkle Glass is famous for designing exactly the right glass . A visit to Our website is an education in the range of all glasses available. You’ll find different types of glass.

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Bar Accessories

we will supply you a competitive price in a higher quality.There will be sincere team work for you as we are a one stop factory. We can quote you very competitive prices .

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The Sparkle Glass is famous for designing exactly the right crokery . We give an education in the range of all crokery available. You’ll find different types of crokery products.

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Our Competence

Bringing to the table the latest skills & techniques in our trade, our seasoned and experienced Planners,design of glasses, bar accessories, cookery products, implementing the best Design in the industry.

Also being open to emerging Desing and technologies, we enable ourselves to work smarter and thus serve better.

Our Prominence

For over decade, sparkle glasses has successfully delivered to all its client needs. Even in the most challening circumstances, We have remained unmatched and exceptional.


Our vibrant and diverse project portfolio simply bears testimony to our abounding experience.At Sparkle Glasses, you not only sign a deal...You build a relationship!

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